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Picture taken by Mark Humphrey from AP

After a certain point last night it became clear to the average Yankee fan that the Yankees were not going win the game. When a fan makes that realization there are certain options available to them. Many people can choose to move on from watching baseball and occupy themselves with some other fulfilling aspect of their lives. Others can simply go to sleep.

I am not one of those fans. I am stark raving mad about baseball. If I shut the game off I know it won’t be long before it is back on again. A coworker of mine once told me he doesn’t watch many of his team’s regular season games because it is too stressful. This revelation left me dumbfounded. The very idea of not being able to follow each pitch whenever possible for the yearly 162 game season sounds like torture. I am sure I would be need to be tied down in a room with no television, wireless, or even semaphore flags with which I could signal to the outside world, “What is the score?” for me to miss too many games in a baseball season. Many a time I have attended a play, concert, or some live sporting event and made certain my cell phone was charged and ready for baseball tracking whenever I had a moment to do so. Gameday saved my life during a two hour graduation ceremony for my niece this past spring.

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